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Aksara Sunda Baku

ᮃᮊ᮪ᮞᮛ ᮞᮥᮔ᮪ᮓ

The Sundanese script has an ongoing story.

To read more about it you’ll need the right font installed, which took me a couple of tries.

Now read the Sundanese wikipedia article.

If I’ve understood the wikipedia page correctly (and I translated it from Sundanese, which I do not speak, so that’s not guaranteed) it’s like Thai and some other Brahmi-derived scripts in that there are primary consonants that a decorated with modifies to change the succeeding vowel. This is, if I am not mistaken, termed an abugida system. So the following should say “Cipta Gelar Remixed”; But without the modifiers it would say Cha-Pa-Ta-Ga-La Ra-Ma-Ka-Sa-Da

ᮎᮤᮕ᮪ᮒᮌᮨᮜᮁ: ᮛᮤᮙᮤᮊ᮪ᮞᮨᮓ᮪

Or in the pasangan style, I think this is correct, but it doesn’t display in all environment, e.g. Facebook seems to mangle it.

ᮎᮤᮕᮭᮒᮌᮨᮜᮁ: ᮛᮤᮙᮤᮊᮭᮞᮨᮓ᮪