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Pro tips for art python

Python: How to make it do pretty things.

See controllerism for Human-centric interaction design..


Pro-tip: run your python code as a web service

Web services are the new reliable lingua franca, and have a lot of development time sunk into them, so even if you, as I do, hate the web, you may as well steal their labour.

Python + tornado + ProcessPoolExecutor is reasonably performant.

You will probably need FRP to make it interactive in this case.

Pro-tip: embed your javascript audio/video in python notebooks

Look! the heady mix of excellent realtime and non-real-time performance in a semi-pro interactive IDE! Get amongst it. I wrote some tips for Jupyter GUIS elsewhere

I will use this to prototype amazing music using python machine listening, I hope. But GUIs are my least favourite thing, so it will be slow going even on this easy terrain.


See Audio python


Art apps with a python API