The Living Thing / Notebooks : Pro tips for art python

Python: How to make it do pretty things.

See controllerism for interaction design..


Pro-tip: run your python code as a web service

Web services are the new reliable lingua franca, and have a lot of development time.

Python + tornado +“PocessPoolExecutor“ is reasonably performant.

Pro-tip: embed your javascript audio/video in python notebooks

Look! the heady mix of excellent realtime and non-real-time performance in a semi-pro interactive IDE! Get amongst it.

See jupyter JS.

I will use this to prototype amazing music using python machine listening.



    slider1= sheetSlider("slider1")
    xySlider2 = sheetXY("xySlider2")
    aGraph = sheetGraph("aGraph")

    print slider1.get()
    print xySlider2.get()
    print aGraph.get().get(0.2)

    xySlider2.set( (0.2, 0.6))

GUI toolkit looks good (Java-based). OpenGL and other drawing functionality seem advanced. Audio does not seem to be a priority.
[1]Nothing wrong with going to seed; It’s perfectly lovely software, just a bit overgrown, and it has lost that fresh tang.