The Living Thing / Notebooks :


A text editor I seemed to be using

Atom – a text editor made by Github, easily extensible because much like emacs, it’s mostly written in a dynamic language (javascript) and is open source. Unlike emacs, it’s not clearly currently in an evolutionary cul-de-sac. Powerful. Slow and RAM-hungry. I have given it up for VS Code.

See also intent-specific workflow tips at, e.g. latex, academic writing.

Misc tips

What scope is my current document?

I don’t know, run Editor: Log Cursor Scope.

Notable extensions

Atom as a platform

People can and do build whole IDEs in atom.


hydrogen turns atom into an interface to jupyter kernels, for live code inspection and execution.


Juno is an IDE for julia which I don’t particularly like.


Nuclide is Facebook’s extensions to atom for web-centric development. I don’t use it because I’ve served my webdev time, but web people might care about it.