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Audio libraries

Audio frameworks, audio musical domain-specific-languages

Disco ears by Kaspar König

Disco ears by Kaspar König.



Audio-specific programming languages. Why do people invent new DSLs for audio? This is a terrible idea. Anyway, there are some.

tl;dr If you must use an audio DSL, Csound might not be hip, but it’s the one that avoids the more horrible pathologies of its bitrotten competitors. You’ll miss the sequencing capabilities of supercollider, but not the debugging experience, or the inconvenient GPL licensing. Possibly overtone could get you there.

Audio libraries for mainstream programming languages

Wait what? you can just use a normal programming language with a lovely IDE and a sensible debugger, and still make music?


Graphical dataflow programming languages. A specific kind of DSL, with a visual funciton graph interpretation.

For the record, I hate programming using visual dataflow, although I do like visualizing my programs this way. These programs get it arse-backwards for my work process, forcing you to click a million times to do every simple thing. But they are famous, and seem simple to the sort of people who prefer clicking on 100 buttons instead of tapping 100 keys. These are the same kind of people who will drive their cars until the rims are on the road rather than take half an hour to pump up the tyres.