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The DAW I hate least out of my current options

Bitwig is much like Ableton Live, but rebooted, and with many annoyances removed. Thoroughly recommended.

Scripting Bitwig control

Bitwig has a javascript API and a java API for fancy controllerism The documentation is a non-linkable PDF, but you can find tutorials online.

and examples

For more elaborate uses, see

Irritatingly, the controller scripts go in different places for different platforms and there is no easy way to harmonise them:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Controller Scripts\

OS X: ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/

Linux: ~/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/

Anyway, could be worse.

The actually-functioning Keith McMillen scripts are on github.


Alt gives you gridden automation drawing. There is a lot more fancy automation.

Ubuntu tips

Audio setup

TBD. See Linux audio for now.

UI quirks

horizontal scrolling seems broken but on certain window managers you can do Alt+vertical scroll.