The Living Thing / Notebooks : Build tools (but sadly not build tool build tools)

Automating script build/execution from the command-line.

See also text editors, citation management, academic writing workflow, python, cloud computing a.k.a. cloud wrangling, open notebook science, scientific computation workflows, scientific workbooks.

Argh! Too damn many options, that’s for sure, all offering marginal improvements over make, all with uncertain lifespan and different faults. Therefore, arranged in descending order of an undisclosed combination of my perception of

There are a dozen-odd packages for this in my list of things to check out, not including rolling-my-own. They overlap with various cloud options, but I am focussed here on developing a new thing.

That is too many options. I’m sure I can shoehorn anything into doing what I want, more or less, for the first few steps, and only find out the horrible friction points waaaaay down the line when it is too late. I’d be satisfied with choosing whichever will have the most users to mindshare when I really need it. Unfortunately, that time of need will be in the future, and my ability to predict the future has a provably poor track record.

Next best option, I’ll just choose whatever tool seems to have the biggest user-base now and go with that. Here are some tools, each of which does a slightly different thing, overlapping to different degrees: