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Calendars and contact databases, digital, use thereof

Google calendar, iCloud etc exist. but who wants to spend so much effort gifting google with free information about all their friends? Well, most of my friends, TBH. But it leaves me feeling gross.

Jargon to know here: CalDAV and CardDAV are the de facto standards to sync your calendar and contact information in a machine readable form respectively. All you need is a server which talks those standards and you can use whatever calendar client you’d like. In principle, this is all you need to get your smartphone telling you to leave your house now to get to dinner with your grandmother.

So! Running your own. that’s a legitimate use of your precious free time, right? Uh.

The only contact syncing that works well with macOS is icloud (they claim to support any CardDAV server, but in practice I have had glitches and failures with all other CalDAV servers.

That’s the raw logistical end; there is also the question of social event discovery. What is the social platform that allows us to collectively discover events? Facebook has made a bid to be a monopoly provider of these services, about which I feel negative.

There are other ones.


GUI clients

GNOME mail client Evolution supports icloud interoperation and other CardDAV servers. Possibly so do other CardDAV options. There is an iOS app Contact mover which brute-force synchronises icloud contacts to CardDAV servers. I’m not a massive fan because it leaks memory. It seems to be pretty much the only mail solution that has good CardDAV support natively.

Thunderbird gets CardDAV support via a plugin, SOGo Connector.

Syncevolution is a full contact-syncing app which supports various CardDAV implementations with some restrictions.

Mulberry is a defunct open source client for calddav and carddav and mail.

code clients


Social platforms

Calgator is an open source community calendar platform written in Ruby on Rails that runs, a Portland tech calendar.

Gigtripper looks interesting.