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Citation management (Why I chose Zotero)

tl;dr. If you want to read anything at all, it is the companion page citation management, which offers more up-to-date practical solutions, rather than pointing out problems in a particular software package you probably don't use and that I haven't used since 2012.

Citation management is fraught and awful thing that all academics have to do, and no-one ever does well. Or if they do it well, then they aren't doing it efficiently.

After nearly 2 years of use, I've just switched from Third Street Software's Sente to Zotero. There were some other things I tried out in the middle there, such as Mendeley, Bibdesk, CiteUlike, Connotea and Papers, but a full n:n comparison is not something I have time for.

Reasons I originally chose Sente over Zotero

Reasons I switched to Zotero from Sente

Basically, because while Sente has an impressive feature list, it implements most of the features badly. I'd rather have the slightly under-powered but more solid and flexible interface of Zotero.