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Optimisation is dead time. I swore I’d never do it. Nothing but scripting languages, I swore. Garbage collection is not my business. Except, as it turns out, CPU cycles aren’t free, and I want a lot of them. So, as long as I need to make do with the slight resources available to me, I might need to commit some time to the occasional rewriting of inner loops in something a bit fast, with decent libraries written by those more speed-obsessive than myself. C++ passes muster in this regard.

I am investigating this typically for rewriting inner loops of python simulation code using C++ at the moment, but maybe if i get more chops I’ll try some recreational, creative applications – there are such handy tools for that, dontcha know?

However, for the moment I’m mostly avoiding directly touching C++ at all by using Tensorflow.

See also julia, scientific python, Fortan, and miscellaneous other software for science.

Provocative C++ projects

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