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Especially: translation dictionaries.

Weirdly hard to get decent translation dictionaries that integrate into your device/OS of choice. Most electronic dictionary companies prefer to sell you an overblown, overpriced piece of custom software with an inferior user experience and that doesn’t run on your smartphone, rather than just selling you a dictionary data file for one of the dictionary applications that comes built in to your OS.

I don’t want more dictionary software, I want a dictionary data file for my existing software.

NB, the rate at which dictionary sites appear and disappear is suggestive of some nasty intellectual property disputes going on here. Check with the laws of your local jurisdiction before downloading and/or converting fiels whose origina you don’t know. And beware of the risks of software of unknown pedigree.

Translation dictionary sources



~/Software/pyglossary/pyglossary.pyw --ui=cmd \
    --read-options=resPath=OtherResources \
    --write-format=AppleDict \
    Duden_Synonym.BGL Duden_Synonym.xml
make install


Spelling dictionaries

You don’t need definitions? Try this free spelling dictionary list.