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doing email better, or better, not doing email at all

Email. What a disaster. Wastes time. Hard to secure. Ubiquitous.

Some seek to avoid it entirely, for good reasons

This phenomenon can be thought of as a potent modern tragedy of the commons. The commons in question here is the world’s pool of attention. Email makes it just a little too easy to grab a piece of that attention. The unintended consequence of all those little acts of grabbing, is a giant rats nest of voracious demands on our time, energy and sanity.

or weird reasons.

But being realistic, we are already locked in to email. So, how can we minimise the harm?

Better clients

Be smarter about how you read your mail. Encryption supporting clients etc.

Better providers

Be smarter about who does all that network transmission of your mail.

Archiving email

Mailpiler is a webserver which provides a front-end to a MySQL index of all your emails. Is that what you want?

No but actually what can I replace email with?

Which deficiencies do you wish to avoid? If it’s security you might do better with OTR chat clients, or tinfoil hat cryptopunk social networks.

If you just want something more efficient for your purposes but don’t care about the NSA reading it (realistically, my priority) there are loads of apps designed to do this, like Slack and Trello. The hippest chat thing for this purpose is probably Gitter (gitter source) which in principle you can run yourself if you have a trusted OSX server lying about.