The Living Thing / Notebooks : Faking being on social media (and other internet automation.)

Many people express the opinion that I am on facebook a whole lot. I am not. I am only ever on facebook for the mercenary reason that I wish to persuade people to do things for me for free, which is infrequent.

However, Facebook, business-plan-be-praised, doesn’t want to let it look like a void of empty performance of fake-smile social favour vampires, so they do their best to animate the stinking corpse of my facebook profile, and make it appear that interesting things are happening. So easy to look like you actually log in! Wow! Much peer engagement! Very influencer!

Me on facebook

And Twitter; Who has time for the twitters? People who manage your “engagement” with their “brand”, that’s who.

But don’t worry, social media’s woefully dysfunctional profit motive makes it easy for you to look like an engaged individual.

Anyway, you are supposed to be on social media these days, so the important thing is to occasionally trickle some fake personality into those social media profiles, so that your brand bursts or pops or whatever brands do these days.

Joe Moran, BTW, discloses a bunch of amazing time-saving tips for manufacturing a veneer of humanity for your mechanical actions, and is essential listening.

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