The Living Thing / Notebooks : Feed readers/content aggregators

Upon the efficient consumption and summarizing of news from around the world.

Remember? from when we though the internet would provide us timely, pertinent information from around the world?

How do we find internet information?

I have been told to do this through twitter or facebook, but, seriously… no. Those are systems designed to waste time with stupid distractions to benefit someone else.

Contrarily, I would like to find ways to summarise and condense information to save time for myself.

Sources that I use for this are on my blogroll.

Telling me to use someone’s social website to gain information is like telling me to play poker machines to fix my financial troubles.. Stop it.

Current landscape

Anil Dash, The lost infrastructure of social media

Current Syndication options:

Rss feeds (still work)
The classic see below
Accelerated mobile pages
instant articles
Fakebook’s standard for maximising the change of your content attracting the capricious gaze fo their algorithsms. Also works with rss

Feed readers

The classic.

New to this game? You know what podcasts are? Podcasts are a type of feed. An audio feed. If I care about news articles and tumblr posts and whatever, not just audio, then I use feeds, feeds of text instead of audio. Any website can have a feed. Many do.



Remember when we thought the web would be a useful tool for researching and learning, and that automated research assistants would trawl the web for us? RSS Feeds were often discussed as piece of that machine.

Little updates dripped from the web, to be sliced, diced, prioritised and analysed by our software to keep us aware of… whatever.

Most feed readers don’t do any of that fancy analysis though, they just give you a list of new items ordered by date. Still, whatever. Better than nothing.

Creating feeds from sites that don’t have them

Feedity generates feed from sites that don’t understand content aggregators.