The Living Thing / Notebooks : Financial markets

That last recession? That was practically fucking victory condition. We teeter on the brink of world financial ruin and a return to the days of trading fucking day. Worse. It wouldn’t even be like Mad Max. Do you even comprehend how sad that is? Nobody runs Bartertown. That’s the thing, lad, it’s a runaway process. The absolute best thing anyone can do is grab desperately at the throttle. But they don’t. Because it’s a speeding death kaleidoscope made ouf of tits. […]Tits,” Clough empahsized. “It just dangles tits out everywhere. And tits will hypnotize a man. He’ll just grab at them and suck. Unless,” he reflected, “they like cocks. In which case just imagine a whirling thresher of cocks. Tasty ones. People just want a taste. And when they’ve had it, they want more, and bugger tending or directing the machine after that. They just crawl over the thing, trying to drain it of its juices”.

—Warren Ellis, Normal

Actually existing financialism. Markets as they work. Does HFT do anything? If so, is it good or bad? Should we resign ourselves to it and just try to make cash out of it, since we know that HFT markets ain’t going away.

For alternative finance ideas, see finance.

Why did we get the bloated finance industry of today instead of the lean and efficient Wal-Mart? Finance has obviously benefited from the IT revolution and this has certainly lowered the cost of retail finance. Yet, even accounting for all the financial assets created in the US, the cost of intermediation appears to have increased. So why is the non-financial sector transferring so much income to the financial sector?

—Russell Sage, Rethinking finance

Ssssh, I cited XKCD.