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Firewalls, routing etc

In which years of study are needed to do basic things, and even then still probably wrongly

You need to route network traffic cleverly, e.g. for a vpn, filesync client or ssh, or various server security.

Oh sweetie. If you are getting advice from me, you are royally fucked. I'm so sorry. I'm not the kind of person who knows about network stacks. Otherwise how woudl I have had time to do the other things for which yu woudl read the blog?

Anyway, let's discover this together.

So what's the linux networking routing doo-dangle called? iptables. This is how you interact with the netfilter subsytem. How does it work? Fucked if I know; every time I touch it I break things because there are thousands of moving parts in a modern computer's networking system.

ufw the “uncomplicated firewall” provides a simpler front end. It has a GUI, gufw which AFAICT doesn't ad much value in terms of visualizing your firefall, which would be the real win.

Do you need one? Yeah. Do you have one by default? No.