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Installing fonts

Installing fonts on Ubuntu is manual, although some are available as .deb packages.

On macOS you can just double click on a font. Certain useful fonts are packaged using homebrew:

brew cask install cask-fonts
brew cask install font-hack-nerd-font

Coding fonts

Fonts that ideally look good in monospace and make it easy to distinguish similar characters. (My bugbear here is distinguishing different quotes, e.g. "“”). There is a website for this, where you can see all the alternatives of note. Your OS ships with some, maybe Ubuntu Mono or Inconsolata or such. Or you can level up your designerly OCD by using, which distributes cult developer-friendly fonts with extra glyphs for … weird UI icons and such?

International fonts

SIL provide many useful fonts for less mainstream languages, including Doulos which supports the International Phonetic Alphabet.

wget && sudo dpkg -i sil-repository.deb
apt install font-sil-doulos

m-plus fonts seemed like minimalist sans-serif fonts designed to support Japanese then threw a bunch of other useful stuff in there too, targeting coders and even LaTeX users. included in ubuntu.

In addition to European letters used in many Western European languages, Japanese characters that including Kana glyphs and more than 5,300 Kanji glyphs, and major international phonetic symbols, operators, special symbols, etc. are also prepared.

All Latin glyph sets were completed with Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, and IPA Extensions. And most of Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, and extended glyphs and symbols were prepared too.

I also need Sundanese: Sundanese-unicode-2-0-ttf, Google’s Noto Sans and/ or Prada.

LaTeX maths fonts

I am not the person to ask about the intimate details of LaTeX maths hell but see TUG font catalogue for traditional LaTeX math font support and mathspec for XelaTeX font support.

Font mangling

You can alter fonts!

Schmelvetica is an example of how you can modify a font algorithmically, based on the parodical Smelvetica, and presuably Hellvetica. Or, for a flakey but cute hack using machine learning, SVGVAE will algorithmically design fonts! For the moment, quirky nasty fonts.

Miscellaneous fonts