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Generative art, creative coding, procedural design

Teaching my computer to make prettier mistakes than me

Those names in order of decreasing highbrowness and increasing financial viability.

Ruben Bolling knows evolutionary design when he sees it (source)

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Either way, it means, more or less, “using algorithms to make pretty things.” If you’ve seen a CGI film in the last 20 years, you’ve seen this. Flocking, L-systems, agents, evolutionary systems, a-life, pattern formation and so on. My interest here reflects my High Art, pontifical sensibility. But video games are totes sick too.

Missing from here: prehistory of such art, early software art and pre-computer algorithmic art. Check out a better source such as Neil Jenkins’ excellent garden of forking paths for some pointers.

Examples of praxis



Praxis yourself why don’t you?

I praxis myself

Maybe I should also do generative art with neural networks.

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