The Living Thing / Notebooks : Graphing in python

See also diagrams.

Just imagine that we could have a language that combined high-performance numerical operations, interactive debugging, effortless integration of realtime and non-realtime interaction, easy parallelism, a large and active user community, ran on windows, linux, OS X and smartphones, had well-documented, performant graphics and smooth GUI integration.

Now, welcome to the real world, where every project is either

  1. a reasonably functional hodgepodge of the least-worst options that don’t suck in a particular domain, or
  2. grossly deficient in some way.

So, now I’m going to try to get some realtime data visualisation going in python via the hodgepodge method. Visualisation is not especially a strong point of the language; the strong point is hodgepodge, decoupage, bricolage, and, uh, potpourri. I think we can cobble something together, or better, use someone else’s cobbling.

matplotlib stunts