The Living Thing / Notebooks :

Hiteklotek and Lotekno

Sundanese remixes I'm involved in

Cassette heaven in Bandung.

DU68 - tiny store full of lovingly curated original cassettes and vinyl, especially from Daerah Sunda.

Miscellaneous notes towards my 2015 Asialink residency in daerah Sunda.

For timely updates, see the successor project, lotekno.


Firstly, note that I have a bunch of sundry songs and remixes made in collaboration with various locals.

Here are some longer-term, more structured projects:

Joget DJ

Mutasi Pop Sunda, Akwaaba, Generation bass.

Ensemble Tikoro Collaboration

I am working with Ensemble Tikoro, under the direction of Robi Rusdiana. This is complicated enough to deserve its own page.

Working with crazy tunings

A software project for live electronic jamming that doesn’t assume western tuning.

Karinding Attack

Kimung 666 / ᮊᮤᮙᮥᮀ |᮶᮶᮶|

Okid / ᮇᮊᮤᮓ᮪

Jimbot / ᮏᮤᮙ᮪ᮘᮧᮒ᮪

Man Jasad / ᮙᮔ᮪ ᮏᮞᮓ᮪

Cipta Gelar Gang

Ciung Wulung / ᮎᮤᮅᮀ ᮝᮥᮜᮥᮀ

Abah Ugi / ᮃᮘᮂ ᮅᮌᮤ

Satia Kulun / ᮞᮒᮤᮃ ᮊᮥᮜᮥᮔ᮪

Lingkung Seni Jipeng Pong Dut Kombinasi Satia Kulun Kasepuhan Cipta Gelar, or Satia Kulun, is a project of Bapak Am Soebali Ba and the village of Cipta Gelar.

Kang Yoyo & Ibu Umi / ᮚᮧᮚᮧ ᮓᮔ᮪ ᮅᮙᮤ

Bulé brigade

Kieran Ruffles/ᮊᮤᮈᮛᮔ᮪ ᮛᮥᮖᮨᮜ᮪ᮞ᮪

Miriam Lyons/ᮙᮤᮛᮤᮃᮙ᮪ ᮜᮡᮧᮔ᮪ᮞ᮪

Common Room Gang

…and other friends of the Common Room.

Gustaff H Iskandar

Interesting locals I haven’t had time to work with

WA State government - thanks for your support. Asialink - thanks for your support.