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Javascript audio

I want to make some stuff in my browser make sound. My main excuse is the synestizer project.

There is a reasonably developed javascript API here; but it is missing various things you might be used to

It’s really more suited to game sound effects than modern synthesis. But it works, fast, and it’s everywhere, and it comes with integrated web services, openGL and UI libraries, so there are some positives..

Cute examples

Enough of those exist at premier JS noise vendors soft object.

You can build your own graphically at blokdust.

Raw(ish) DSP HOWTOs

If you want to use a library to simplify things, see below. First, here’s the instructions for going “bareback”, which is still reasonably high-level:


Some explained, some for reverse-engineering, all simple.

Web Audio libraries

Simplifying repetitive tasks. Which of these is the hottest? None of them are hot; most haven’t been touched for 3 years. But it’s not so hard to do without ‘em.




I don’t know why there are so many audio libraries; The only tricky thing is sequencing, and of course, most would rather paint the bike shed than solve that one.

Why does my sequencer slow down when I change tabs?


Audio UI libraries

This is surprisingly a big enough topic to merit its own section on the UI page; It’s not an exciting surprise though, it’s one of those things that is simultaneously surprising and tedious, like unexpectedly discovering the tax return that you thought you submitted a month ago still on your desk.


Works![1] WebMIDI spec. You can also play it with tone.js.

[1] in chrome