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Linear algebra

If the thing is twice as big, the transformed version of the thing is also twice as big. {End}

Oh! the hours I put in to studying the taxonomy and husbandry of matrices. Time has passed. I have forgotten much. Jacobians have begun to seem downright Old Testament.

And when you put the various operations of matrix calculus into the mix (derivative of trace of a skew-hermitian heffalump painted with a camel-hair brush) the combinatorial explosions of theorems and identities is intimidating.

Things I need:

Basic linear algebra intros

Linear algebra and calculus

The multidimensional statistics/control theory workhorse.

See matrix calculus.

Multilinear Algebra

Oooh you are playing with tensors? I don’t have a bunch to say here but here is a compact explanation of Einstein summation, which turns out to be as simple as it needs to be, but no simpler.