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Linux audio

Making sound by banging rocks together 44 thousand times per second

Ontology of Linux sound systems

TBD. Include the different standards, sub-standards, compatability layers, compatabiility layers standards, legacy and surly coexistence APIs.

Lengthy techradar intro

Doing stuff with Jack

Cadence reputedly eases much pain

JackAss routes midi from jack-blind hosts:

JackAss is a VST plugin that provides JACK-MIDI support for VST hosts. Simply load the plugin in your favourite host to get a JACK-MIDI port. Each new plugin instance creates a new MIDI port.

virtual ports for bidirectional patching


Doing stuff with Pulseaudio

Manuel Amador Briz CC BY-SA 3.0, Pulseaudio muntology.

Cooperating with Jack

Jack has opinions on this:

pulseaudio-module-jack and pasuspender methods briefly mentioned.