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Cheap single board computers

Raspberry pi et al

Tedious details toward making the current generation of cheap but recognisably modern machines do interesting stuff, especially Single Board Computers, little systems on a single PCB, usually based on ARM-type architectures.

(Are you doing this because you want to run a machine in a gallery?

You want inspiration? Alex McLean released his new album as a livecoding Raspberry pi.

Misc docs of use


TODO: see if there are alternatives in the wilds of Ali express

Quad core 64 bit Korean Raspberry pi competitor: odroid-c2 or even faster odroid-xu4 They also make accessories such as sound cards.

NVIDIA also make GPU enabled development boards such as jetson, although they don’t seem to have good audio natively…? Maybe HDMI.

Media Centres

Do you really need a meia centre? Perhaps just run volumio. Complicated because there are too many alternatives which change their names too often.

Kodi (formerly XMBC) is the media centre at the heart of lots of rasppi media centres. But how to package it up? A million different ways all of which are tedious to compare against each other and differ in ways you’d rather not know anything about! Welcome to the 21st century.

As a rule, the JeOS distributions run their own tweaked packaging systems so you have to do more work to get unsupported software, but less work to get supported software.

Pro tips