The Living Thing / Notebooks :

Politics of play

also, playful politics

Protestant work ethic versus dilemmas of collective hyperactivity. Gamification versus temporary autonomous zone. Spectacle. PLUR, summers of love, Genesis P-Orridge Situationists, Marcuse, Lettrists, punks, voguers and ravers. Culture jammers, adbusters, zinesters, tactical media. Netcultures. Guerilla gardeners. DIY. Grime and hip hop. Leisured classes. Commodification of dissent. Mishan. Bey. Jaromil. Gentrification, hypergentrification, hipsterism. The problematic of proponents of this type of engagement interacting with (and idolising) those who might not have choice about their “playful” engagements - e.g. the hipster currency of Zapatistas. The mining of creative resistance for new strategies by the dominant. Crunkczar.