The Living Thing / Notebooks : Playful politics and politics of play

Protestant work ethic versus dilemmas of collective hyperactivity. Gamification versus temporary autonomous zone. Spectacle. PLUR, summers of love, Genesis P-Orridge Situationists, Marcuse, Lettrists, punks, voguers and ravers. Culture jammers, adbusters, zinesters, tactical media. Netcultures. Guerilla gardeners. DIY. Grime and hip hop. Leisured classes. Commodification of dissent. Mishan. Bey. Jaromil. Gentrification, hypergentrification, hipsterism, Mark Greif: what was the hipster?. The problematic of proponents of this type of engagement interacting with (and idolising) those who might not have choice about their “playful” engagements - e.g. the hipster currency of Zapatistas. The mining of creative resistance for new strategies by the dominant. crunkczar.

See also * Gavin Mueller: Silent Majority Music:

But there’s one important sound that has been removed in this refurbishing process: EDM trap is mostly instrumental. By dispensing with the rapping, EDM trap effectively silences the black voices that kept the style connected to the stories of the American lumpenproletariat. It’s the auditory equivalent of kicking out a poor family so you can live in their classic brownstone. In the words of one of the dance underground’s sharpest figures, Rizzla DJ: “Damn, son, put that back where you found it!”