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Mind reading by computer

The ultimate inverse problem

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I’d like to know how good the results are getting in this area, and how general across people/technologies etc. How close are we to the point that someone can put an arbitrary individual in some kind of tomography machine and say what they are thinking without pre-training or priming?

Marcel Just et al do a lot of this. It for sure leads to fun press releases, e.g. CMU Scientists Harness “Mind Reading” Technology to Decode Complex Thoughts but I need time to see details to understand how much progress they are making towards the science-fiction version. (WaCJ17)

Researchers watch video images people are seeing decoded from their fMRI brain scans in near-real-time. More intrusively, in rats… Real-time readouts of location memory:

by recording the electrical activity of groups of neurons in key areas of the brain they could read a rat’s thoughts of where it was, both after it actually ran the maze and also later when it would dream of running the maze in its sleep

But: could a neuroscientist even understand a microprocessor? (JoKo17)