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Do some arithmetic on the thingy represented as an integer.
Universally unique identifier

In general what would help the humans would be if IDs were not only unique, but were also that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable and just generally convenient for a human to use — as well as being a reasonably efficient information encoding. We therefore propose PRO-nouncable QUINT-uplets of alternating unambiguous consonants and vowels, or “proquints”, as the solution.

There is only so much Shannon entropy [Shannon-1948, Shannon-1949, Shannon-1993, Shannon-1951] you can get by pushing air through flapping organs originally purposed for eating and breathing. We assume it best to re-use the method to which natural language has already converged.

Naming things

python reference implementation of bip39:

// Generate a random mnemonic using crypto.randomBytes
mnemonic = bip39.generateMnemonic() // strength defaults to 128 bits
// 'seed sock milk update focus rotate barely fade car face mechanic mercy'

online uuid generator