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Node.js: a trendy IO server with javascript embedded designed to do internetty stuff. So outrageously trendy that all the ease and simplicity it offers is erased by trying to keeep track of which version of what we all like this week. Nonetheless, the trivial (in-process, evented-style) concurrency combined with high-performance dynamic language support makes it generally useful for processing networky things - it’s a glue language of networked IO.

Here, is my minimalist node.js exploration, as someone with zero interest in web development who wants to find the shortest route in the garden of forking paths to make node.js do some basic things. i.e. serve a static html5 javascript UI and forward some network connections for controllerist purposes.


Raw IO is a little too basic for many purposes. You want to conform to some protocols and use some helper tools.

Here are two chosen strictly because people I know and respect use them, and I can steal their tricks:


express.js is old and well-understaood.

quick start


hello world


koa.js generator-driven minimalist framework. It is a semi-successor to express.js. Took me a while to notice they have an official static file serving which looks easy.

For desktop

see javascript_apps.

See in javascript apps