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Applied psephology

Tom Gauld:

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On the practicalities of weaponised voter modeling in elections, for the purpose of controlling how they vote with special reference to Australian elections. Marketing psychology for governments, and for those who wish to have control of governments.

For now, a scattered collection of links, some of which should probably be filed under filter bubbles.

For the rest, I’m interested in polls; how they can be made more predictive and so on.

TODO: mention problems of ecological inference, Simpson’s paradoxes in electoral demographics, “Symbolic data analysis” for census data etc. Finish up with practical tips.

How it’s being done

Theoretical wrinkles

Moving the poors to marginal electorates

OK, Let’s start treating politics like the favour machine it is and behave accordingly; NSW under Mike Baird is a system where you buy favours with leverage. I’d like it to be otherwise, but let’s work with what we have.

Optimal electoral marginalness, inverse gerrymandering etc. Invade marginal electorates Organised opposition means we are more likely to claim council seats as a side benefit.