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Functional reactive UIs in Python

or close enough for biz dev not to notice

Stream processing in python, especially, in my case, for UIs.

Nearly modern evented asynchrony

Modern python async-style stuff.

tl;dr Use the event loop from tornado or pyzmq. These non-thread IO things are very easy and comparatively well-documented. And they work with the new python 3 async style. You can use them to farm off heavy computation to other threaded nightmare hell farms or whatever, and they work now.

Flexx attempts to provide more bells and whistles, including automatic widget generation from python, still using tornado. This feels over-engineered to me, but possibly because I haven’t built anything big enough to need it yet.

Bizarre crossovers of Web GUIs and user interfaces

DIY python web gui by David Baird:

In this howto, I explain the following concepts:

  1. How to launch a GUI toolkit in a separate thread, and how to communicate with this thread.
  2. How to embed a web browser inside the GUI, and how to communicate with this embedded web browser without using sockets. By not using sockets, we don’t have to worry about socket security, and we don’t have to worry about allocating a socket. […] In other words, we will have AJAX-like […] functionality to communicate with Python but without actually having to use AJAX.