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Reading group – Wasserstein GANs

Usefulness: 🔧
Novelty: 💡
Uncertainty: 🤪 🤪 🤪
Incompleteness: 🚧 🚧 🚧

The Wasserstein GAN paper made enough of a splash that it’s worth considering separately from the other GAN stuff. Is it even “adversarial”? That looks marginal to me.

Today I’m leading a reading group to the theme what even is is the Wasserstein GAN?

GANs are famous for generating images, but I am interested in their use in simulating from difficult distributions in general.

I will not summarize WGANs better than the following handy sources, so these are the basis for the tutorial until such time as I find myself actually using this stuff in my own work.

For more ongoing notes, see my WGAN page.