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that into which you type commands, in order to replace clicking-on-the-wrong-thing errors with typing-the-wrong-thing errors

The only thing worse than shell scripting is doing without shell scripting. Half a century on and we are still not great at bespoke automation of tasks. Unix-esque shell scripting is one passable methods for automation of some tasks, and the least awful for many, so you’d better learn it, or hire a personal assistant. Except the problem is that shell scripting is a ghastly quagmire of chaos, and, as usual, for the traditional variety of path-dependent reasons, the dominant players in the market have especially high chaos content in their quagmire.

“Shell” as I will lazily use it here may conflate several things, a scripting language, and a protocol for interacting with the system and displaying things on the screen (the “terminal”.) These all interact in complicated ways, especially on a modern system, but I’m going to brush over this nicety, because who gives a shit? [#]

[1]dedicated and wonderful developers from whose whose work I am grateful and humbled to benefit

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Switching shells

chsh -s `which fish` myusername

Realistically you’re using bash; now what?

Try out some non-trivial commands.