The Living Thing / Notebooks : Shaving Yaks with Shells

The only thing worse than shell scripting is doing without shell scripting. Half a century on and we are still not great at bespoke automation of tasks. Unix-esque shell scripting is one passable methods for automation of some tasks, and the least awful for many, so you’d better learn it, or hire a personal assistant. Except the problem is that shell scripting is a ghastly quagmire of chaos, and, as usual, for the traditional variety of path-dependent reasons, the dominant players in the market have especially high chaos content in their quagmire.

Your list of horrible alternatives

Idea: create vanity-project shells cash, trash, theclash, and bangersandmash.

Realistically you’re using bash; now what?

If you are going to use bash, avoid its paradigmatically awful manual, and use the bash hackers wiki.

bash history