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Harm minimisation for social network users

The alternative to harm minimisation for social pariahs

You don’t want unaccountable monopolies mining every intimate detail of your personal relationships and deepest confidences? You don’t want them sharing it even though they promised not to?

Then don’t use social networks.

OK, in fact, not using them is harder than you’d like, because

How do you say? I’m quitting Facebook, except for all the parts I currently use:

after I post this status, I will be quitting Facebook, except for groups, events, messaging, sharing my take on controversial op-eds, promoting my podcast(s), and seething with jealousy about my friends’ positive life updates.

Pretend to be on social media but don’t actually bother

80% of my strategy is this. See faking being on social media.

But that means I can get off social media?

Maybe. Scott Locklin summarises the fakebook extraction: Download your data. Delete your account.

Oh wait, your friends keep on using Facebook messenger to organise their lives? FFS, friends.

Practice social surveillance hygiene to reduce harm

Roll your own social network

90s style! V. Cypherpunk!

Under construction. These aren’t all analysed. TBD.

If you just want something more efficient for your purposes but don’t care about the NSA reading it (realistically, my priority) there are loads of apps designed to do this, like Slack and Trello. and Groups and asana, each of which manage different aspects of projects that you couls also do through email. There are also hip open-ish self hosted chat thing for this purpose Gitter (gitter source), mattermost, or zulip which in principle you can run yourself. (the former requires you to have a trusted macOS server lying about.)

Or, dunno if it really fits here, but look at this attempt to provide the some of the features of the social network in terms of telling you not to forget birthdays, Monica the open-source personal CRM.

Solution: one-up everyone and use decentralised networks.

Archive your social network

Minimise the dependence by having your own backup of your social wossname.

There are GDPR extraction tools built-in, e.g. For Facebook. Timeliner and Perkeep are two different approaches to this.