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Harm minimisation for social network users

The alternative to harm minimisation for social pariahs

You don’t want unaccountable monopolies mining every intimate detail of your personal relationships and deepest confidences?

Then don’t use social networks.

OK, in fact, not using them is harder than you’d like, because

So, given that you are using social networks, minimise the risk. Here are some strategies.

Pretend to be on social media but don’t actually bother

80% of my strategy is this. See faking being on social media.

Practice social surveillance hygiene

Roll your own social network

90s style! V. Cypherpunk!

Probably the entry-level here is Gitter (gitter source) which in principle you can run yourself if you have a trusted OSX server lying about. Its sort of like Slack, apprently? However, that’s still exposing yourself to the central monitoring thing if you don’t have good security teams.

Solution: one-up everyone and use decentralised networks.