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Excel: R or Ipython for people who like paying for an inferior version of a free app.

In my view, the unique selling point of spreadsheet is providing a GUI per default for your data. This is not much of a selling point since a non-spreadsheet statistics program like R can also have a GUI and better graphing besides, and the spreadsheet GUI is obtrusive and limiting compared to more modern stuff like R. I say this as someone who finds the R language design icky.

But this GUI business really pays for itself when it comes to collaborative editing or analysis of your data. In the 21st century there are online collaborative spreadsheets. Sharing the workload is a good thing; hardly a data set worth having was collected by one person. (Although I do want a sneakernet version of these online apps)

Here, therefore, is a list of online collaborative data-analysis spreadsheet-like tools, which is the only kind that is not a pure waste of time.

There are non-javascript-backed online spreadsheets and also some closed source ones, but srsly, if your browser is running a spreadsheet, it may as well be full-stack javascript.

Also of note: