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the original karma system

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Prestige/dominance, as seen in cooperation and leveraged in reputation systems.

Kevin Simler in Minimum Viable Superorganism, casts the problem of cooperation outside the family unit as the setting up of a “prestige economy”, with some nice phrases to support his case. It’s missing things you’d need for a comprehensive account of human cooperation (altruistic punishment, generalised reciprocity etc) but has some excellent phrases and is a workable first-order approximation/perspective. c&c the effectiveness of reputation systems as motivation.

🚧 To mention: prestige versus dominance.

Another oddball framing from Scott Alexander, Financial Incentives Are Weaker Than Social Incentives But Very Important Anyway. He is referring to (Duflo and Banerjee 2019). A lot of his concern might be compactly summarised by the X is Yer than Z problem.


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