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Stream processing and reactive programming

Lazy bookmark for practical details to processing and transforming possibly-infinite streams of data, from signals to parse trees. Disambiguating “transducers”.

Used in parallel/offline processing of very large data sets that do not fit in core, or processing things that happen in realtime such as UI.

I am imagining more general objects than singly-indexed real-valued signals; Tokens, maybe. Classic DSP can be elsewhere. Infrastructure to do this is under message queues.

In statistics and machine learning, this connects with online learning; incorporating data as it comes in, but there you probably care about good out-of-core optimisation algorithms.

See also artificial chemistry, parallel computing. (Streams aren’t necessarily parallel, but they are a convenient way of managing asynchrony.)

CSP/ FRP/ reactive programming

A parallelism/streaming thing. Communicating Sequential Processes. Functional Reactive Programming.


See FRP in Javascript.


See Python See FRP in Python.

Streaming data analysis

Online, possibly realtime, certainly memory-constrained.

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