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The new surveillance state

our revealed preference for revealing our preferences

Do You Want to Know a Secret by Dorothy Gambrell

Context: I am writing this from inside Australia, where it is illegal for companies to sell encryption without spyware, and where it is illegal to confess to the spyware. Private information in Australia is sytematically exposed by an unaccountable state surveillance apparatus without public oversight, protected by jail terms for those who resist it.. [No worries, mate](].

Catching terrorists without resorting to a Stasi reign of terror by the state.

This will be lots of opinion pieces; for practical info see Confidentiality, a guide to having it. Related to, and intersecting with, state surveillance is corporate surveillance.

Think pieces explaining why one should care


A quick guide to asking Cambridge Analytica for your data

Our cost-cutting institutions are leaking our info. After all, can you secure an iron cage?

Laura Northrup: Police Charge Arson Suspect Based On Records From His Pacemaker

Guilty before trial.

Confessions of a data broker and other tales of a quantified society.

No-opt-out-gamified citizenship: China builds the mother of all online reputation systems:

China is proposing to assess its citizens' behavior over a totality of commercial and social activities, creating an uber-scoring system. When completed, the model could encompass everything from a person's chat-room comments to their performance at work, while the score could be used to determine eligibility for jobs, mortgages, and social services.

“They've been working on the credit system for the financial industry for a while now,” says Rogier Creemers, a China expert at Oxford University. “But, in recent years, the idea started growing that if you're going to assess people's financial status, you should equally be able to do that with other modes of trustworthiness.”

The document talks about the “construction of credibility”—the ability to give and take away credits—across more than 30 areas of life, from energy saving to advertising.

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Why we live in a dystopia even Orwell couldn't have envisioned

Alexa O'Brien summarises: Retired NSA Technical Director Explains Snowden Docs.