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Global bass, World Music 2.0 etc

Anthropology of music. Etc. Especially pop, and contemporary, as far as I am concerned.

The intersection of music and culture. The dawning realisation by Europeans that not everyone respects the borders they draw around tone and rhythm. And the other dawning realisation that there is money to be made by packaging the music of other people up and selling it to hipsters, and you might even be able to avoid paying royalties.

Also something something intercultural understanding something quote Bob Marley.

genre soup( Source: Generation bass)

Jamaican music-making practices present an interesting case study in the relationship between culture, copyright law, technology and power. In this talk Larisa Mann — a DJ, journalist, and student of Berkeley Law School’s Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program — shows how the street dance, the explosively creative heart of Jamaican musical practice, suggests several ways that technology can help or hinder people currently excluded from formal systems of power.

The dream of the 90s rave scene is alive, just not for the ravers.

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