The Living Thing / Notebooks :


realistically, usually terminal emulators, because the world is standard-lockin all the way down


Classic terminals, if you must, with thoughtful UI. macOS only. recommended on macOs. TBD.

if you are using other OSes, read on.


If you are worried that your current terminal doesn’t use enough RAM, you can use hyper which is a javascript app version of terminal. It’s not too bad for one of these web technology desktop app things based on electron or similar, although it is not hard. It has lots of sexy features and nice graphics, to compensate for the obviously hefty RAM usage.


Tilix is the terminal emulator that Gnome people tend to like. It has consistent keyboard shortcuts, tiles (but tiles terminals only) and integrates into the Gnome Experience.


Kovid Goyal made a terminal with c inner loops and python UI extensibility called kitty. It’s not famous, but probably worth checking since Kovid is a powerhouse. OS/Unices.


terminator seems to be an acceptable default option for a pure native app without many frills.


Alacritty is a GPU-accelerated terminal editor that aims to draw text real fast. If that was your primary problem, fear not.


terminus supports some HTML graphics, and appears to work-ish.


Designerly graphics-friendly terminal aims to reinvent terminal protocols! Has a vision statement! However it’s dead in the water.

Some cool features

TermKit is not a…