The Living Thing / Notebooks :

Who I donate to

Expensive value signalling

Some things I care about are best outsourced. I mention these here because

  1. I believe in normalising donations as part of a healthy society. (Thsi is a qualified stance; many of the causes I donate to have the goal of reducing the need for charitable donation, which is in many cases more sustainable in the long run than only funding what attracts affluent guilt.)
  2. I hope that by highlightng the causes I donate to I will encourage others to donate to them
  3. For my own reference, I want a centralised list of who I am donating to so that I can stop my donations if I decide the recipient is no longer aligned with my values.

Listing these organisations here should obviously not be taken as my personal endorsement of any individual tactical decision made by any of them, nor my unconditional support of any position they may adopt.