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Visual Studio Code

Atom for finite time

A text editor.

VSCode is Microsoft’s competitor to Atom, with a similar technology stack, but somewhat cleaner and faster.

AFAICT it’s the editor component from Visual Studio. Or is that something else? Just some shared branding without any particular shared code? IDK, don’t care enough.

Anyway, VSCode is pretty good, it turns out.

Command line not working

You want it to work from the command line for fish?

set -U fish_user_paths "/Applications/Visual Studio" $fish_user_paths

Needful extension

previewing markdown

It comes with a built-in markdown preview, but you want mathematics support, no?

You can augment native markdown preview with math support or use revamped markdown preview enhanced, which is very luxurious but hangs sometimes.

Config one needs

You config is ain a text file, whcih is charming retro but does mean that 3rd party config is at least sensible. The path location is the following:

hover/tooltip/hint/popup completions things are too intrusive

First, which is hover, which is hints etc?

The thing that hovers when you mouse over a character is hover. It probably does something useful in statically-typed languages, but ends up just being annoying in, e.g. julia.

You want

    "editor.hover.delay": 3000,

so it activates afeter 3 seconds.

Possibly also

    "editor.hover.sticky": false,

The hints are probably also being annoying, right? because instead of letting you finish a line it wants to to insert some wacky argument?

    "editor.acceptSuggestionOnEnter": false,

That can be toned down by language for e.g. markdown.

How about bracket closing? (brrrrr) You probably want, in your config

    "editor.autoClosingBrackets": false,

Aaaaahhhh that’s better.

Which language is that file?

Want to associate file types to certain languages?

    "files.associations": {
        "*.thor": "ruby",
        "*.jsx": "javascript"


Want to disable reporting to microsoft?

    "telemetry.enableTelemetry": false