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Time management

Akrasia, gamification, hyperbolic discounting, quantified self and voluntary blackmail

Opt-in self-behaviour control for yak shavers.

Time management: basic

Doing good stuff

Not doing bad stuff

Apps like SelfControl hide the minutely engineered social media addiction machines from your productive hours

Advanced: blackmail-based time-discounting management

“Anti Akrasia” tools

The beeminder term, this one:

Akrasia (ancient Greek ἀκρασία, “lacking command over oneself”) is the state of acting against one’s better judgment, not doing what one genuinely wants to do. It encompasses procrastination, lack of self-control, lack of follow-through, and any kind of addictive behavior.

Weaponise your social guilt and los aversion for personal gain!


As above, but the rewards and costs are points and levels and badges or something.


Mutual time management

Possible exception to the social media timewasting rule: Social networks for mutual social productivity inspection, “Mutual shame, mutually agreed upon”, or the crowdsourced-opt-in-panopticon. Examples: